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Standard [GIMP Registry] - Cascade (Tile) Layer

1) Creates a border using the current layer.
2) Positions and cascades a layer relative to the image.
(i.e. Top Left to Bottom Right, Left to Right, etc.)
You can specify how many times to cascade the layer, with the default being 0, which
means fill the image in the specified direction. If you use 1, it will position the
layer to the selected starting position. You can also specify the x and y spacing for
cascading, and the initial x and y position.
3) Create a checkerboard pattern from the layer.
4) Create a tessellation pattern from the layer.
5) Fill with the layer.

Note: This is the first script I've posted, so go easy on me. I'm a beginner.

It can be run from here:

Script-Fu/Effects Layer/Make border using layer
Script-Fu/Effects Layer/Position and Cascade layer

I need to add a choice to merge down the layers when it's done.

AttachmentSize CascadeLayer.scm34.33 KB

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