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Standard Firefox 2.0

Seit heute bin ich mit dem Firefox 2.0 im Netz unterwegs.
Hier mal die Releaselogs:

(en anglais):

What’s New in Firefox 2

Improvements to the user interface, security tools and options for customization,
combine to deliver a rich, engaging, safer and more productive Web
browsing experience for all.

Tabbed browsing. Firefox popularized tabbed browsing, enabling multiple Web
sites to be viewed as separate tabs contained within a single browser window, 
and improving people’s efficiency by helping them better organize their desktops.
 In Firefox 2, tabbed browsing has been further improved with the addition of individual 
close buttons on each tab, enhanced tab navigation features, and a session restore
 system that automatically restores previously-open windows and tabs when a 
new browsing session is started.

Spell checking. Modern Web sites are increasingly complex with the rollout of new, 
rich Internet applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets and blogging tools. 
Inline spell checking in Firefox 2 automatically checks for spelling errors and suggests 
corrections as users interact with Web sites, bringing a common desktop feature to the Web.

Search. Search is one of the most frequently used features of the Web. With Firefox 2,
 Mozilla improves the browser’s integrated search capabilities, making it even easier
 for users to find the information they are looking for. The new Search Suggestions feature 
dynamically updates a drop-down list of suggested search terms as users enter text into
 the search bar for Google, Yahoo! or search engines.

Web feeds. Firefox users can now take better advantage of the frequently updated 
content offered by Web sites, with increased options for handling Web feeds.
 Users now see a preview of the content being offered and are given the option 
to subscribe to a feed as a Live Bookmark, using a Web service such as Bloglines,
 My Yahoo!, or Google Reader, or with a desktop application.

Identity theft protection. In addition to its award-winning safeguards for blocking 
drive-by installation of spyware and unwanted pop-up windows, Firefox 2 helps
 protect users from identity theft by quickly informing them when they surf to a
 questionable Web site. To protect users’ privacy, Phishing Protection is active
 by default with a local blacklist that updates hourly, rather than sending information 
to an external online service. An enhanced mode is available where users may
 optionally elect to have Firefox check the validity of Web sites with a third-party 
Web service, such as Google, prior to loading the site. Phishing Protection provides 
warnings, advice and guidance when Firefox encounters a Web site that appears
 to be fraudulent or malicious.

Proven security model. Mozilla’s open and transparent community-driven security
 model helps ensure Firefox provides the safest possible online experience.
 Thousands of security experts and technical contributors from around the world 
examine and analyze the Firefox source code, uncover potential threats and
 vulnerabilities, and work together to quickly identify and address emerging threats.
 This open, distributed, innovative approach to security puts people’s interests 
first and delivers the safest Web experience possible.

Customization. No other browser can be customized like Firefox 2. With thousands 
of add-ons that enhance the browser’s functionality and features, Firefox lets users 
personalize their Web browsers to fit their interests and style.

For more information on Mozilla Firefox 2 and how it delivers an easier, faster and
 safer online experience, visit

Mozilla Firefox 2 is available now as a free download from

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