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Standard [GIMP Registry] - Stack Layers Vertically

Filters are a great way to make high quality animations for your texture packs. They can provide a wide variety of effects, and can make your textures look truly amazing. They have one downside, however: the output of all animation filters is a layered image, with each frame in its own layer. All the frames must be copied over into another image before they can be used in Minecraft. This process can become extremely time-consuming, especially when you have twenty animations to do, with over three dozen frames each. That is why I wrote this script, to automate an otherwise time-consuming process. This script takes all the layers of an image and stacks them vertically in a Minecraft-useable filmstrip. It essentially takes this:

<img />

and turns it into this:

<img />

I hope this makes the lives of some texture artists a little easier!

1. Open GIMP, and open your layered image.
2. Make sure that the layers are in the right order. The first frame of the animation must be at the top, and the last frame at the bottom. If you find that your frames are in the wrong order (i.e. last frame on the top, first frame on the bottom), you can click Layer->Stack->Reverse Layer Order, and it will put your layers in the order they need to be in.
3. Click on Layer->Stack->Stack Layers Vertically.
4. The script will create a new image with all the frames of your animation set up in the correct positions for a Minecraft animation.

NOTE: This script, for whatever reason, does not support transparency. If you try to use it on an item texture, it will fill all transparent space with your background color. This can be easily fixed by adding an Alpha Channel to the layer, using the Fuzzy Select tool to select all of the unwanted colors, and then cutting them out. It's a 4-click operation, though it can get very annoying if you're making a texture with a transparent space in the middle (such as a glass bottle).

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stack layers vertically
create filmstrip

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