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Standard [GIMP Registry] - CEGUI Animation Exporter

CEGUI Uses imagesets and animation XML to perform animations with images (No GIFS for U)

This plugin creates a film strip style image from layers of a single image, along with the necessary xml files needed by CEGUI to use the strip in an animation.

All visible layers at time of running exporter will be merged into all image frames. All non-visible layers are the frames.
To make a 56 frame animation, make 57 layers. One being the background layer. Each frame would contains a small change from the previous frame. Set all layers to non-visible, except the background. Run the exporter. It will output all the frames as a long filmstrip, along with an imageset xml file (Might need hand edited (to remove the newline at the beginning)), and a .animation xml file..
Warning: CEGUI 0.7.7 has an infinate loop if [bounce] is used for the animation mode!

Tested and working.

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