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Standard [GIMP Registry] - Spam Comment Barrage

Dear Registry Users,

as some of you have certainly noticed, over the weekend a barrage of spam postings has occured, with over a thousand spam comments being posted in close succession. I could not look at all of those individually and when deleting them in bulk, I made a mistake and deleted some legitimate comments, too. Not many have been affected, but of course I am very sorry about this and hope I can ask you to check and, if necessary, re-post. Thank you for understanding!

Regarding the cause of the problem, we are not yet entirely sure, but it may have been trouble with the external spam filter. We are using the free version, which has no SLA and so may have had trouble. To prevent such problems from getting out of hand in the future, we are currently adding some more on-site, manual filtering.

Best Regards,

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