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Wilber 11.01.2018 00:30

[GIMP News] - Libre Graphics Meeting + SCaLE█2018
This year is starting off great with not one, but two libre graphics oriented events (one in Europe and the other in North America - for even better coverage)! Now you can double your opportunities to visit like-minded Free Software graphic artists, photographers, and developers.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2018 in Seville¶ Come and join us for the 13th annual Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) being held April 2630 in Seville, Spain! LGM is a wonderful opportunity for artists, developers, and contributors to meet face-to-face and share/learn from each other. Several GIMP developers will be holding an annual team meeting there (as usual), so come and say hello!

The main programme this year is focusing on:

  • Technical presentations and workshops for developers.
  • Showcases of excellent work made using libre graphics tools.
  • New tools and workflows for graphics and code.
  • Reflections on the activities of existing Free/Libre and Open Source communities.
  • Reflections and practical sessions on promoting the philosophy and use of Libre Graphics tools.
Libre Graphics at Southern California Linux Expo¶ For the first time this year there will be a dedicated Libre Graphics track at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) 16x!

SCaLE 16x will be held March 811 in Pasadena, California (USA) at the Pasadena Convention Center, and the Libre Graphics track in particular will be on Friday, March 9th.

Pat David will be presenting on the state of GIMP (looking forward) and including GIMP as part of a photography workflow.

There is a Call for Participation out for those that would be interested in talking more about their art or involvement in the Free Software graphics world. If you’d like to participate submit a proposal to!


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